Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions:

1. Shipment

a. Your bicycle will be shipped in a box; pedals, saddle, front wheel and handlebars will be disassembled. Instruction/consultation on how to assemble can be available on request.

b. Every bicycle is checked before shipping, and carefully secured to prevent any damage; therefore we do not take responsibility for any damage occurred after the bicycle is shipped. Most of the parcels are insured, although for some countries there is no insurance available. Please contact us if you want to know, whether your parcel will be insured.

c. We will dispatch your items within 2 working days after receiving the payment.

d. Most of our products are shipped from Poland, therefore it takes up to 5 working days for the parcels to reach European countries and can take more time for worldwide deliveries.

e. For shipping to countries outside the European Community customs duties and taxes can be charged in each importing country. For further information about customs and import regulations of your country, you can ask your local chamber of commerce or customs office.

2. Payment

a. Payment is to be made within 3 working days after checking out on our web shop.

b. Payment can be made via direct bank transfer, PayPal or personally in Manchester, UK.

c. For custom bicycles two instalments are to be paid, 50% advance payment and 50% after the bicycle is ready.

3. Bicycles

a. All our bicycles are unique and hand built in our workshop. Frames, forks and sometimes other sub-assemblies are used parts, therefore not always perfect, there may be little defects and imperfections due to the age, although we do our best to eliminate them.

b. We buy our bicycles mostly from Poland, Italy and UK. They are second hand bicycles, and we cannot really guarantee manufacturer authenticity, because there is no paperwork for them. When we buy a bicycle which has some brand marked on the frame, we do research online in order to confirm the make, there is also a serial number on the frames, which may help, but not always, as there are not many databases of bicycles made before the 90s.

c. The bicycles are freshly renovated, and worn parts replaced. Most of the mechanical components are brand new, and the bicycles are checked before shipping however there is no warrantee for our bicycles.

4. Returns

a. Please do make sure you are placing your orders cautiously as we do not accept returns in most of the cases.

b. We do not take responsibility for unwanted orders or damage occurred after the parcel is dispatched.

c. Advanced payments for custom bicycles – we will refund your advance payment only if we fail to build the bicycle to fit prior agreements.

5. Cookies

a. We use cookies on various web pages to improve the quality of our website and to enable the application of certain functions. These concern small text files that are stored on your computer. The majority of cookies we use are deleted from your hard drive after a browser session is ended (session cookies). Other cookies remain stored on your computer and enable us to recognise your computer upon your next visit (persistent cookies). Our partner companies are not permitted to use our website to collect personal data by means of cookies, or to process or utilize such information.

6. By clicking ‘Proceed to Checkout’ you agree with Terms and Conditions described above. Our terms and conditions can be viewed anytime by clicking ‘terms and conditions’ link included in the site footer.