CM Primo

single speed bicycle
single speed bicycle
single speed bicycle
single speed bicycle

CM Primo – SOLD

Corno Marone Primo is our first single speed bicycle on the market. It features vintage frame, fork and Sakae SR Custom Road Champion drop handlebars from 80', genuine leather grips, and rear coaster hub brake. The frame has been painted in Porsche 911 Irish green. Each part beside frame, handlebars and fork is brand new and hand assembled.
This bicycle is perfect way to cruise around town, it is lightweight due to no extra equipment, and has perfect gear ratio for smooth rides.

- wheels 700c,
- frame 23' (58cm),
- genuine leather handlebars grips,
- genuine leather extras,
- single speed,
- brand new sub-assemblies.
- rear coaster brake

If you have any enquiries or want us to assamble custom bicecle for you, you are welcome to contac us using contact form.


You may see it somewhere on London's streets.