My name is Dawid; I’m the founder and head of Corno Marrone and currently based out of Manchester. I am pursuing my undergraduate degree in automotive engineering and I am extremely passionate about vintage bicycles, motorcycles and cars.

Having lived in Poland, Denmark, and Italy and now in the UK, it has given me a chance to gain various experiences and interact with people from all nationalities which plays a big part in running this brand. It helps in gaging with different audiences and understanding their needs and giving them exactly what they want. I look into the business side of things at Corno Marrone and manage the brand whilst overlooking into every part of the business.

Dominik who is a mechanical engineering student and also my brother is the guy who looks into the technical side of things. He is responsible for renovating, building and rebuilding the bicycles; always making sure the quality we offer to our customers is of the highest level.

Stuti is a Fashion student, and is currently doing her MA in Fashion Buying and Merchandising from Manchester, originally from India. She is the one who makes sure our bicycles are sustainable and in fashion. Having worked in the industry for a few years she provides us with an insight on what customers want and how best to meet their requirements in terms of trends. She also looks into the editorial side of the business.

Finally, Giorgio who is based out of Italy is our main guy as he provides us with some of the coolest and unique bicycles which are then renovated into even nicer looking bicycles in true Corno Marrone style.